Here’s what they’re saying!

All of the following unsolicited student comments were received on the course evaluation surveys or program surveys.  We listen to our students.

Daniel Edward Copple
“Thanks, Ben, for giving a step-by-step layout to successfully complete week 3, as well as the first two.  Your fundamentals class certainly extends over to my systems and electrical classes.  I’ll apply your steps to their classes as well.  Following your steps should make it easy to completely understand all the material offered and get a perfect score on the exams and discussions.“

Charles: Monroe, WA
“This course has been an excellent addition to my saleable skills and I have enjoyed the challenge and opportunity to improve my mechanical and electrical knowledge in the field. It has enabled me to advance in my workplace to a position I could not have achieved without the course.”

Jeff: Moses Lake, WA
"Taking these courses are great for being in the industry you tend to loose some knowledge of some things I would say and I do to everyone I talked to that are service techs now and going to be is to check out the courses that are provided for you it gives you good book knowledge and then the students that have not been in the field will have some more knowledge on what they are getting into. I would say I enjoy the classes and if you have a problem all instructors so far have got back to me quickly and effectively also the ladies in the registering area are great every one gets back to the student quickly almost better than when i actually went to my trade school back in the years good job and keep up the good work like I said I’ll recommend this to anyone interested in the HVACR field thanks again."

Dino: Minot, ND
“I went from knowing nothing about refrigeration to the basics in a relative short time. It was easy grasping the theory, and the accompanied text and web links filled in the blanks.”

Lloyd: Danville, CA
“This class was very informative and I feel it will prepare me for the certification I need to further my career goals. I did get behind and the instructors furnished me with an extension. This course is what I need with my busy schedule.”

Jim, Riner, VA
“First, I must say that I’ve taken many classroom classes on a variety of related subjects over the years. But, this is the first online class that I had ever taken. I was very impressed by the class and the subject matter. I hope to take some more of your classes, and will recommend them to other Technicians, who work here at Virginia"

Lloyd: Danville, CA
“This class was presented very well. The teacher was helpful and responded to all e-mails. This is good for to work and study at same time.” (Sys 1)

Jimmy: Sawyer, OK
"I would rate my overall satisfaction with the class as Excellent. Thank you for your time and Have a Great Day.”

Miller, CA
“This class was very informative with what to expect as a beginning HVAC Tech. I feel that I have learned a lot and look forward to continuing the program.” (Fundamentals 1)

“Loved that I could take this course on my own screwed up schedule without threat of missing any material due to unforeseen circumstances. Thank you.” (Fundamentals 1)

“Very well put together…very informative” (Fundamentals 1)

“The course has been challenging for me and also very useful and educational.” (Electrical 1)

“This course has been an excellent addition to my saleable skills and I have enjoyed the challenge and opportunity to improve my mechanical and electrical knowledge in the field. It has enabled me to advance in my workplace to a position I could not have achieved without the course.” (Electrical 2)

“I had a very good experience. I learned a lot of things that will help me at work as well as at home.” (Heat 1)

“I found this course very challenging, but what I learned will help me greatly at my job.” (Controls)

“At work my duties mostly involve working with heating equipment. But after taking this course I feel that I am better prepared, and more confident, to deal with any cooling equipment problems that may arise. I have never really had any contact with any cooling equipment before, so I found the material in this course to be challenging. But I did enjoy learning about the material very much.” (Refrigeration 1)

“It is a very good intro class for the HVACR technician.” (Fund 101)

“I thought that this was a excellent class and learning situation. I will definitely do more of these classes.” (Fund 101)

Jeromy: Oroville, CA
“I found this course very informative and easy to comprehend the material. I am continuing on to the #113 course after the final exam. Thanks.” (Elec 113)

“It was great taking this course and being able to apply what I have learned in the field.” (Elec 114)

“Felt that it was laid out and presented in a very easy to follow manner.” (Sys 121)

“I feel like this was important material and I learned a lot from this course.” (Sys 121)

Allen, MO
“I believe the course is going to lead me in the direction to my future. I have learned a lot and refreshed a lot that I already knew. It has been a little interesting to learn by computer but I believe it is going good. It has also been 18 years out of school. Over all a great experience!!” (Electrical 1)

Mike Richardson, SLC, UT
“The amount of information presented in such a short time was amazing. A few weeks ago I thought I could figure out how to fix things, but now I know how to use the electrical system to actually find the problem for me.”

“It almost felt like I was teaching myself. For me that’s the sign of a good teacher. He just was there in the background to provide support when it was needed, and usually with a simple question that made me think – and solve the problem myself.”

“I think examples are what bring the message home. The pictorial examples, and diagrams were very effective, and the presentation examples were very clear and easy to understand.”

Victor Handel
“I believe all the tools were in place to help me succeed in this subject matter! There was soooo much material to learn about! I enjoyed the challenge very much.”

Roger DesRosiers
“I always love a mental challange and this filled the bill!”

J. Provoncha
“Thank you. I really enjoyed the experience. I found it to be a great way to learn new and refresh old information. I look forward to taking other courses that you have to offer.” (Fundamentals 1)

“the overall course was excellent. I will recommend these courses to my technicians for NATE CEU’s as well as general continuing education. I appreciate your assistance when I needed it and look forward to future correspondence.”(Fundamentals 1)