Payment Options

Pricing and Financing Options

We assure you that the educational information packed into each learning module is well worth the price, in fact it’s a bargain!  From the Catalog, just click on the title of any item to view the price for that item.  We offer you several options:

  • Pay in full with your credit or debit card online

  • In-house no interest financing is available to students enrolling in any program priced at $1,000 or more.  Email and she can work out a plan for you.  You will pay a down payment to start, then monthly payments designed for your specific program and payment options.  Once your payments are established, you can pay with your debit or credit card on schedule (see above).
  • If you work in the HVACR industry or are a contractor, you (and your workmates) can sign up together for an annual 12 month subscription.  This option is great if you’re planning to focus on your professional development.  The price gets lower (in increments of 5) as more technicians join your group.  Your 12 month subscription begins when you sign up.  Because you’re already working and to save you money, we don’t include an online instructor with your subscription.  But if you ever want one, you can pay a small fee per course to access our online subject matter experts and receive their professional guidance through your course.
  • Some technicians receive professional development funding through their employers.  It is worth asking about.  We can email an invoice to you and your boss, the two of you can figure out how much each of you will pay, and mail us a check or pay with the company credit card.  Note: if your boss pays the enrollment fee, he is entitled to receive your progress reports.
  • Some utility companies offer a scholarship program for HVAC Technician Training as part of their efforts to make buildings more energy efficient, or as part of their customer rebate program.  Check with your local utility company to see if they have available training funds.
  • Military funding may be available to you if you are active military or a veteran.  The best way for you to access this funding is to enroll in OUR online HVACR Technician program through one of our partner community colleges or workforce training centers.  To find a school near you, just click this link. [enter ed2go link]
  • Your family and friends may offer to support your career path by helping fund all or part of your education.  Let them know this kind of gift is what you want for your birthday, anniversary, or Christmas.  We can prepare an invoice and letter that describes the program of your choice and the price.

Payment questions? Contact:   or    888-655-4822 x1111