Mentor Led



men•tor n.
A wise and trusted counselor or teacher

A mentor is faculty member of the HVACRedu crew. A mentor’s primary role is to provide a personal contact for a student enrolled in certificate programs and courses with The mentor serves as a learning coach to:

  • Monitor student progress
  • Maintain a caring presence for the student
  • Help with administrative and content issues in the course’s talented faculty offers a wealth of information to the student as well as a guiding hand throughout the course or certificate program.

A student enrolled in a “mentor-led” program or course is offered a set time to complete the course (typically 30, 60 or 90 subscription days in length) and can pace themselves on how aggressive they wish to be with completion. A student’s mentor is always available via email to assist with questions or guidance throughout the course.

A mentor-led delivery program is a great option for the added interaction with online education, but at a student’s individual pace and need.

Other delivery methods:
Blended Learning

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