Higher Education

Higher Education

HVACRedu.net works with many academic institutions to offer an online degree seeking curriculum options for students. In addition to our content lending itself to a self-paced or mentor-led delivery, we also have the unique offering to provide a collaborative or cohort environment to meet the needs of academia. Allow the theory base curriculum be delivered online with collaborative discussion environment that really allows the student to be proactive in their learning. Your faculty or ours, we can help obtain a more extensive enrollment reach allowing your student to obtain lab portions once a week.

According to the US Department of Labor – Bureau Statistics

  • Employment is projected to grow faster than average…
  • Job prospects are expected to be excellent…
  • Obtaining certification through one of several organizations…

Help serve the industry with ONLINE training and education.

We offer outstanding program options for those that serve the HVACR education and training industry. If you are an academic institution, career school or apprenticeship organization, we can customize a program that can lower your cost, increase enrollments or capitalize on current resources. Partnering with HVACRedu.net allows your organization to offer your students online learning options for their educational needs in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technology. These NATE recognized programs are perfect to integrate into your existing in-class program, add certificate programs, provide options to your student and increase your outreach to students.

Learn about how we have effective worked with academic institutions to provide entire curriculum base, a few courses, or blended learning options.

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